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MP3 From Edinburgh Historical Society

Meant to post this ages ago.

Its an ok quality recording of one of our early trips with our phone app that didnt go so well.

it was with Edinburgh Historical Society and the outcomes proved interesting for the developers.


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YouTube Edit 1.0

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Testing Times Ahead!

Chris is going to have good play with the version 1 of the application.

So we have produced a very quick summary of the available functions in the first phase of testing

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Screen grab

Looking good. Starting to work.

I was actually standing in the ECA quadrangle so we seem to be 3-400 metres SW of target. But pretty good progress so far.img_1215img_1216

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Phone Mock up

Might it, just might it look like this?!!!


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Hear Planet for iPhone

This is kinda fun for the iPhone - its plays wikipedia citations according to the geo-location information.

Obviously many of these are historical.

I’ll install on my iphone and feedback after wandering the streets of edinburgh!

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