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Google Maps 3 API - Fail for us

We tried - we failed…  For us to implement it, would require a good bit of re-write and we took the decision to not go with it this time.  It did make us think about the modular nature of the javascript

It doesn’t quite have the feature set at this time that we were looking for but it does look like it’ll be great when it’s finished.  The focus on mobile tools would be great and gesture support for Android would be great.  Not this time but we did think it would be worth  keeping an eye for when it matures

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Web App fail?

The first round of testing that Karlyn performed was a resounding… well, fail to be honest.  I received a phone call bright and early one morning with the results of Karlyn’s testing.

To be honest it just didn’t work for her.  After a fairly disappointed chat we figured out what the problem was - is - might be?

Our testing has been done with WI-Fi and with iphone 3gs’s, and whenever we have done tests they are under lab conditions with the watchful eye of Petra or myself.  Outwith those lab conditions it turns out that the world of mobile and web apps is a bit fraught.

The main issue was getting a consistent and reliable signal at 3g - without this our application doesn’t work so well.  This is probably true of almost all mobile applications that need an internet connection but particularly for us as we are getting back data from a couple of sources and presenting it.  One web service call and another direct HTTP connection but that is for each tile, so we are basically sending a whole lot of HTTP requests and over GPRS this is not so good.

We came up with a couple of ideas on how to solve this - 1) try the Google Maps 3 API which is a little more mobile centric 2) some caching

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