Development Libraries for Mobile Platforms

One of the big issues facing the development of smart phone applications is developing something which will work cross platform.  Trying to support multiple platforms can prove to be a challenge but there are a few helpful hands out there working on cross platform development libraries.

As part of the project on of the goals is to try and get things out quickly so using some of the following might help us to get started:

  • PhoneGap - Really interesting Cross Platform Mobile Development
  • QuickConnect - Application Development library for a variety of platforms
  • IUI - iPhone like web application
  • jQTouch - Plugin for Jquery for touch based interfaces (focuses on the IPhone)
  • XUI - a javascript framework

Also the Geolocation API Specification makes for some interesting reading


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    There are other ways to do web apps

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    We have a new tutorial, covers a number of topics.

    Component Writing

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