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Times Higher


Small but perfectly formed piece in todays Times Higher Supplement

I do wish they would cite the whole team, but all news is good for WTT

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News of the World!

newspaperWalking Through Time was featured as a full page news story in the Scottish national newspaper The Sunday Herald. On page 5 too!

check out the online version here:

it seems to have captured the publics imagination.

Published on 3 Jan 2010

“Time travelling used to be an expensive, clumsy business.

According to TV shows and films such as Dr Who and Back To The Future, would-be explorers of the fourth dimension need at least 1.21 gigawatts or a large blue police box to get anywhere. But a new iPhone application developed in Scotland could simplify the whole process.

Walking Through Time is a new app created by academics at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). It applies the satnav technology used by Google Earth, but instead of pinpointing where the user is on a current map, it shows where they would have stood two centuries ago.”

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Another workshop and demo

The project was presented at this conference:

last week, and an iPhone was available for loan from Inspace (The University’s very cool digital gallery)

the project was on show and delegates of the conference walked the vicinity around the gallery. Plus we reflected upon one of the walks with the aid of a data projector, and i used my macbook to record it - but its pretty awful…


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Phone Mock up

Might it, just might it look like this?!!!


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Nokia experimental indoors locator service

GPS is all well and good but is useless indoors and in sight obscured landscapes like ravines or dense urban enviornments its nigh on impossioble to get a decent signal. So, this non- GPS location service from Nokia is very intersting and may point (pun intended) the way towards a truly ubiquitous location aware smartphone of theĀ  future..

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Augmented reality

Came across this which is next generationĀ  mobile - augmeted reality!!!

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Hear Planet for iPhone

This is kinda fun for the iPhone - its plays wikipedia citations according to the geo-location information.

Obviously many of these are historical.

I’ll install on my iphone and feedback after wandering the streets of edinburgh!

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IceCondor and GeoCubes

While wandering through the RSS feeds this morning I came across two interesting projects via Programmable Web.

IceCondor is interesting for a few reasons - it works with social media, location, mashups and it is for the Googles Android platform. A lot of the recent media focus of the current mobile platform development boom has focused on Apples iPhone it’s interesting to see what people are developing for other platforms.

The other thing that caught my eye this morning was Geocubes a way of gathering together points on the map and representing them as blocks. The main advantage being that you can represent the number of points of interest over a large geographic area without over whelming the user.


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Open Location Services

Its intersting to note that the geospatial community’s main standards promoting body , whilst having a suite of open location service interfaces, seems not be as dynamic in this areas as in some others. Is this because the market is so fractured or that mobile uptake has been lagging whilst vendors and hardware ctahcup?


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